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Sodium cocoate, CAS 61789-31-9

Sodium cocoate, CAS 61789-31-9

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Appearance: colorless paste, flakes, or granules

CAS: 61789-31-9

Product ID: COCO13

Purity: 100% vegetable soap base

pH (10wt% solution): 9-11

Solubility: alcohol soluble

HS Code: 291815

  • Synonyms

    coconut fatty acid, sodium salt; coco soap; saponified coconut oil

  • Key words

    sodium salt of coconut acid; gentle cleanser; surfactant; emollient; emulsifier; cosmetic ingredient; natural detergent; foaming agent; sodium soap; salts of long-chain fatty acids; compounding additive; floatation agent

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