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Potassium oleate

Potassium oleate

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Potassium oleate is a salt of oleic acid - a C18 fatty acids organically extracted from palm, coconut, olive, castor, or cottonseed oil. Potassium oleate is a biodegradable anionic surfactant commonly used across industries as an emulsifier, dispersant, solubilizer, lubricant, cleanser, or floatation agent. It is known for its excellent emulsifying efficiency and is not affected by hard water. These properties enable its several everyday uses as:

·       A cleansing agent

·       An emulsifying agent

·       A dust suppression agent

·       A lubricant in metal processing and machinery

·       A catalyst in the production of polyurethane foams

·       A dispersant

·       Preservative

·       A binder

·       An anticaking agent

·       A foaming agent

·       Corrosion inhibitor

·       Deinking agent

  • Tech Specs

    Off-white to yellowish powder

    • Synonyms : Oleic acid potassium salt, potassium 9-octadecenoate, potassium (Z)-9-octadecenoate, potassium octadecenoate

    • Product ID : OLE14

    • Purity : 98%+

    • CAS : 143-18-0

    • Molecular formula : C18H33KO2

    • Molecular mass : 320.55g/mol

    • Solubility : soluble in water, organics, fats, and oils

    • MP : 235-240C

    • Flash Point : 140C+

    • LD50 rat, oral : 5000mg/kg

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