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Magnesium oleate

Magnesium oleate

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Magnesium oleate, [Mg(O2C(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7CH3)2], is a water insoluble C18 fatty acid paste that is used as a plasticizer, paint drier, lubricant, anticaking agent, fillers, adhesives, water proofing agent, hydrophobing aids, and emulsifying agent. It has also been shown that environmentally friendly multifunctional metal (magnesium) oleate detergent with antioxidation property has good potential for application in synthesizing a variety of substrate detergents. Magnesium salts tend to increase the water in oil phase of oil and water emulsions more than do calcium salts. This attribute is due to the greater solubility of magnesium oleate in oil and other organic solvents.

  • Tech Specs

    Yellowish granular powder / paste

    • Product ID: OLE23
    • CAS :1555-53-9
    • Purity: 98%+
    • Formula: C36H66MgO4
    • MW: 587.2g/mol
    • Solubility: soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in water.
    • MDL: MFCD00152605

    • HS Code: 291615


  • Synonyms

    bisoleic acid magnesium salt; 9-octadecenoic acid (9Z)-, magnesium salt (2:1); 9-octadecenoic acid magnesium salt; magnesium dioleate; magnesium (II) oleate; magnesium oleate; oleic acid magnesium salt

  • Tags

    bivalent metal oleate, magnesium oleate detergent, magnesium soaps

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