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Aluminum lactate, CAS 18917-91-4

Aluminum lactate, CAS 18917-91-4

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Appearance: white powder

Product ID: LAC133

CAS: 18917-91-4

Purity: 98%+

Formula: C9H15AlO9

MW: 294.22g/mol

MP > 300C

Solubility: water soluble

HS code: 291819


MDL: MFCD20529175

LD50 (oral, rat) > 2,000mg/kg

  • Synonyms

    Aluminum tris(alpha-hydroxypropionate); aluminium trilactate; L-lactic acid aluminum salt; Al(lact)3

  • Key words

    mordant; aluminum salt; aluminum tricarboxylate; sol-gel aluminum lactate; water soluble aluminum carboxylates, fire foam

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