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2-Hydroxyethyl ammonium oleate

2-Hydroxyethyl ammonium oleate


2-Hydroxyethyl ammonium oleate (MEA oleate) is an unsaturated, long-chain (C18), fatty acid-based ionic liquid with low environmental impacts. The low environmental impact credentials are derived from its low volatility, low environmental persistence (highly biodegradable), inflammability (flash point > 100C), and wide range thermal stability. In addition, the long chain oleate moiety makes MEA olea a typical amphiphilic soap molecule that is easily dissolved in common organic solvents such as alcohols, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons, etc.

In aqueous environment, the amphiphilic MEA oleate forms micelles which enables its use as a key ingredient of supporting media for chemical reactions, development of self-assembling drug delivery systems, sound propagation, materials for membrane separation processes, or electrical conducting media.

In metal finishing, MEA oleate can serve as a corrosion inhibiting surface coating for iron, steel, aluminum, and other precious metals.

MEA oleate is also useful in leather dyeing, hide softening, fabric levelling, extraction of precious metals, tanning, detergents, paint, coating inks, wood vanishes, etc. In these applications, MEA oleate is useful as a wetting agent, surface active emulsifier, metal working fluid, non-volatile coatings ingredient, laundry detergent aid, dispersant, cleanser, electrolyte, anti-static agent, etc.