SCA Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids (ILs) are neutral liquid salts consisting of organic cation and either an organic or inorganic anion. These liquid salts present new possibilities in several technologies due to their user-friendly properties such as low melting, thermal stability, non-volatility, and non-flammability. They are safe to transport and can potentially be recovered and reused multiple times; a cost-saving benefit, absent in conventional solvents. Such cost-saving potential has made ILs the preferred materials in high-tech applications as clean energy electrolytes, long-lasting liquid desiccants, benign solvents, pharmaceutical drugs & biopolymer solubilizers, current-carrying ionogels, biorefinery media, rare-earth metal recycling solvents, or as reliable chromatography additives. However, not all ILs are made equal! Some ILs may carry potentially harmful F-, Cl-, Br-, AlCl4-, I-, PF6 -, and BF4- which are known to form corrosive and toxic acids in water. On the flip side, ILs carrying SCAs are stable and safer to use.

BioFuran Materials is currently developing the following,

  • Ammonium alkanoates
  • Imidazolium alkanoates
  • Guanidinium alkanoates
  • Hydroxyalkyl ammonium alkanoates
  • Superbase/alkanoate derived ILs

Some of these SCA ionic liquids should be available in October of 2020. Check this space for updates.