Potassium formate

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Granular white powder
• Product ID: 100FO14-100G & 100FO14-500G
• CAS Number: 590-29-4
• Molecular formula: KOOCH
• Molecular mass: 84.12g/mol
• Mp: 167-168°C

Potassium formate (KOOCH) is hygroscopic. Store KOOCH in a sealed container and under dry conditions.


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Applications / Uses

Reducing agent, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen fuel, electroplating bath stabilizer, potassium diformate (mold inhibitor) precursor, drilling fluid, secondary refrigerant, airport runway deicer, biomolecule crystallization agent, dehumidifier desiccant, etc.


  • KOOCH is compatible with everyday materials such as glass, brass, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, and copper.
  • KOOCH can be used alone or as a blend with other salts, solvents, additives and brines

Key Properties

  • KOOCH exhibits exceptional solubility (up to 76wt% in water)
    • KOOCH is also soluble in alcohols
  • Wet KOOCH can be easily regenerated at low temperature by heating to evaporate absorbed moisture, hence its solutions can be recycled for multiple uses.
  • Nonflammable
  • Can be oxidized to carbon dioxide
  • Affords tunable thermo-responsive properties by varying the KOOCH loading up to 80wt%
  • Low freezing point of minus 60°

Value-adding Benefits

  • For heat transfer uses, liquid KOOCH is
    • at least twice cheaper than CaCl2, LiCl, and LiBr
    • less corrosive than acid generating LiBr, LiCl, or CaCl2 solutions
    • stays dissolved unlike halide salts that easily crystallize affecting performance instantly
    • less viscous fluid that affords increased energy savings due to reduced drive power of the pumps.
  • For deicing uses, KOOCH
    • does not leave behind ugly track marks like rock salt and calcium chloride
    • does not damage carpet or asphalt
    • does not irritate pets
    • spraying is more precise than rock salt affording more coverage per volume
    • starts deicing in less than 2 minutes
    • pins on to sprayed surfaces and continues to deice for a longer period than rock salt.
    • Is compatible with commonly available liquid applicators and fixed automated spray technology which cuts down the spraying labor to zero

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KOOCH solution at 30wt% (030FO14), 50wt% (050FO14) or saturated form (070FO14) loading.

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