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Sodium caprylate (Sodium octanoate)

Sodium caprylate (Sodium octanoate)

SKU: 100OCT13
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White flaky powder
•    Product ID : 100OCT13
•    Purity : 99-100%
•    CAS : 1984-06-1
•    Molecular formula : C8H15NaO2
•    MW : 166.09g/mol
•    MP : 240-250C
•    Solubility : 40-60g/L


Sodium caprylate is a medium chain (C8) fatty acid sodium salt with extensive usage as a disinfecting agent. This compound can be used as a heat stabilizer for proteins. Sodium caprylate may be used for protection, separation, and precipitation of proteins. It may also be used as an emulsifier and surfactant. It is also commonly used in pesticides, sanitizers and disinfectants as an algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide. 
Common uses are summarized as follows:
•    protein stabilizer
•    emulsifier
•    surfactant
•    binder
•    anticaking agent
•    pesticide additive
•    feed additive

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