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Ricinoleic acid, CAS: 141-22-0

Ricinoleic acid, CAS: 141-22-0

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Ricinoleic acid is a clear, viscous, yellowish, castor oil-derived unsaturated fatty acid with a double bond and hydroxyl group at positions of C9 and C12. The C12 hydroxyl group imparts increased oxidative stability, thereby providing long shelf-life. The functional group hydroxyl can be acetylated, alkoxylated or removed by dehydration to increase unsaturation. Other useful industrial derivatives include ricinoleyl alcohol, methyl ricinoleate, azelaic acid, undecylenic acid, sebacic acid, hydroxy stearic acid, cetyl ricinoleate, ethyl ricinoleate, glyceryl ricinoleate, zinc ricinoleate, glycol ricinoleate, isopropyl ricinoleate, potassium ricinoleate, sodium ricinoleate and octyldodecyl ricinoleate, and ricinenic acid. Ricinoleic acid is also known to form estolides, which are are oligoesters of hydroxy fatty acids. Ricinoleic acid serves as a precursor to produce many bioproducts, including polyesters, biodiesel, dispersing agents, surfactants, sealants, softening agents, odor eaters, adhesives, dry cleaning detergents, plasticizers, lubricants, soaps, grease, emollients, emulsifier, and bio-lubricants.

  • Tech Specs

    Appearance: Viscous yellowish liquid

    CAS: 141-22-0

    Formula: C18H34O3

    Purity: 92%+

    MW: 298.46g/mol

    BP: 240-247C

    Flash point: 246-250C

    Density: 0.9-1.0g/mL

    Acid value: 170 to 195mgKOH/g max

    Saponification Value. 180 - 186 mg KOH/g

    Iodine Value: 82-90g/100g


    HS Code: 291819

    MDL: MFCD00084840

  • Synonyms

    12-Hydroxy-9-octadecenoic acid; 12-hydroxyoleic acid; ricinelaidic acid; 12-hydroxyoctadec-9-enoic acid

  • Tags

    unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid; hydroxy fatty acid; castor oil fatty acid; fatty acid; oleochemical; unsaturated omega-9 hydroxy fatty acid

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