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Methyl octanoate

Methyl octanoate

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Colorless  oil
Product ID: MEOCT
Purity: 98%+
CAS: 111-11-5
Formula: C9H18O2
MW: 158.24g/mol
Density: 0.80-0.95g/ml
BP: 75-83C
Flash point: 70-75C


Methyl octanoate (caprylate) is a pleasant, orange-like fatty acid methyl ester derived from octanoic acid from coconut oil. It is insoluble in water but readily dissolves in alcohols, oils, paraffins, and other organic solvents. The mainstream uses of methyl octanoate include:

  • emulsifier
  • plasticizer
  • fruity, orange, citrus odorant
  • masking agent
  • lubricant
  • wetting agent
  • paint additive
  • ink solvent
  • carrier oil in agricultural formulas
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