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Citronellyl acetate

Citronellyl acetate

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Citronellyl acetate is a rosy, citrusy ester of acetic acid and citronellol. It is commonly utilized as insect repellant or odorant in soaps, household cleaners, sprays, detergents, vanishes, deodorants, air fresheners, shampoo, hair conditioners, candles, toiletries, incense, fabric softeners, pot pourri, etc. Other applications of citronellyl acetate include:

  • antimicrobial preservative
  • disinfectant
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • Product Information

    Colorless floral oil

    • Product ID: CITRONAC
    • Purity: 98%+
    • CAS: 150-84-5
    • Formula: C12H22O2
    • MW: 198.34g/mol
    • Density: 0.86-0.95g/ml
    • BP: 255-261C
    • Flash point: 86-94C
  • SDS

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