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Barium acetate

Barium acetate

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Barium acetate is a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid. It is commonly used as a component of ceramics, pigments, inks, vanishes, and paints. Another critical application of barium acetate is as a raw material for manufacturing barium titanate (BaTiO3), an advanced ceramic material used in thermistors, gas lighters, resonators, ultrasonic cleaners, ceramic capacitors, actuators, buzzer, ferroelectric film memory and electro-optic devices. These applications are summarized as:
•    paint dryer
•    mordent 
•    barium ceramics (e.g. barium titanate) precursor
•    green pyrotechnic colorant
•    catalyst
•    grease ingredient
•    high quality perovskite solar cell additive

  • Product Information

    White crystalline powder

    • Product ID : 100AC26
    • Purity : 99%
    • CAS : 543-80-6
    • Molecular formula : C4H6BaO4
    • MW : 255.43g/mol
    • MP : 445-455C
    • Solubility : 70-75g/100mL
  • SDS

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