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100g Vanillin acetate

100g Vanillin acetate

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Off-white to beige crystalline powder
Product ID: VANAC
CAS: 881-68-5
Formula: C10H10O4
MW: 194.18g/mol
MP: 75-81C
Flash point: 120-128C
Solubility: soluble in alcohols and ethers


Vanillin acetate is a pleasant, vanilla smelling ester of vanillin and acetic acid. Vanillin, the parent compound is component of vanilla bean extract or is synthetically produced. Apparently, vanillin is a weak phenolic acid which can be stabilized esterification of the phenol group. Just like vanillin, vanillyl acetate has several important uses including:

  • odorant for candles, incense, potpourri, perfume, air freshener, floor polish, vanish, deodorant, 
  • synthetic intermediate in the manufacturing of therapeutics
  • all-purpose stain in chromatography
  • antibacterial, anti-mold, fungicidal preservative
  • antioxidant
  • herbicide
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