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100g Potassium citrate

100g Potassium citrate

SKU: 100CIT14
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White crystalline powder
•    Product ID : 100CIT14
•    Purity : 99%
•    CAS : 6100-05-6
•    Molecular formula : C6H5K3O7
•    MW : 306.40g/mol
•    MP : ≥220C, decomposes
•    Solubility : 600-620g/L

Potassium citrate is a colorless, crystalline powder, odorless, water-soluble salt. Each g of potassium citrate consists of about 3 equivalents of potassium and 1 equivalents of citrate. Due to high potassium content, potassium citrate is preferred in the treatment of metabolic acidosis. In other critical applications, potassium citrate is used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medicine industries as well as in plastic industry. 
Other notable uses include:
•    acidity regulator
•    preservative
•    firming agent
•    sequestering and stabilizing agent
•    antioxidants synergist
•    chelating agent
•    electrolyte replenisher
•    anticoagulant 
•    plasticizer


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