Industries Served

We specialize in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals, additives, precursors, and active ingredients. We are pleased to service the following sectors: air conditioning, agricultural & farming, automotive, aviation, biomedical, cement & concrete, ceramics, cosmetics & fragrances, detergents, food & beverage, heat transfer fluids engineering, leather tanning, medical devices, mining, mineral processing & precious metal extraction, paint & coating, pharmaceutical, plastics, tires & rubber, pulp & paper, biorefineries, shell drilling, textile, water treatment industries and more.

SCA Technology Benefits

BioFuran Materials is utilizing a food waste-based chemical manufacturing technology to advance the U.S. green chemistry industrial innovation that allows America to lead in the commercial manufacturing of renewable chemical building blocks. We reckon that intensive utilization of cheap food wastes can help eliminate the premature trashing of sugar-rich materials by putting these materials to good uses that can reduce the cost of products produced. We design our SCA manufacturing in such way that our products are competitively priced and eco-friendly. Overall, the BioFuran Materials’ alkanoate technology will contribute positively to the growth of specialty chemical market with wide applications.


Our current lab-scale capabilities include design, chemical synthesis and supply of materials up to a kilogram quantity. Our highly qualified chemists are experts in the chemical synthesis and will work with customers to ensure that we manufacture chemicals that meet exact specifications. Our services are particularly valuable to customers willing to adopt benign SCA chemicals for greening their processes and products. We serve all academic, industrial, and R&D customers across the United States. Our team will ensure our SCA chemicals meet internal, customer, and regulatory specifications and will be

Who We Are

At BioFuran Materials, we believe that chemical manufacturing plays a significant role in shaping the future of the environment, the quality of life and resource availability. We subscribe to the notion that the mainstream chemicals should be constantly evaluated to determine how well they meet the needs of a growing population in a world of scarce resources and growing environmental challenges. These notions clearly point to an ever-growing need for resourcefulness in the chemical manufacturing to provide adequately for immediate and/or future chemical needs.
We are championing the adoption of circular approaches in chemical manufacturing. We create higher value from non-value materials and we offer materials anchored on good environmental stewardship while enhancing our competitive credentials to win customer trust in the marketplace. We consider our employees, local communities, environmental regulators, supply-chain partners and customers as key stakeholders.

What We Stand For

BioFuran Materials envision a future where known toxic chemicals are withdrawn from daily uses and are replaced with more planet-friendly alternatives. We take pride in developing simple synthetic methods, using inexpensive starting materials, most of which are responsibly derived from discarded food wastes, with SCA manufacturing done in water, and using carefully crafted methods that generates little to no toxic byproducts. We consider process greening as an asset in our operations and we are committed to our founding objective to supply food waste derived SCAs.

Our Promise to Customers

We are committed to provide exceptional services. We value honest communication with all stakeholders, and we promise quick delivery, high product quality, and customized product quantities. Our goal is to help our customers succeed by delivering products and service tailored to their unique needs. Our products are designed to exceed internal quality targets as well as satisfying customer needs and regulatory requirements.