BioFuran Materials is a supplier of environmentally friendly, high quality SCA salts, ionic liquids and esters. These alkanoates are made from the neutralization of SCA acids, which by definition, include C1 (formic), C2 (acetic & oxalic), C3 (propionic & lactic), C4 (butyric, succinic, malic & fumaric), C5 (valeric, itaconic & levulinic), and C6 (caproic, citric, gluconic & ascorbic) organic acids. Of these SCAs, BioFuran Materials supplies formate, acetate, propionate, butyrate, valerate, and levulinate compounds; all of which are less toxic, biodegradable and decompose to release carbon dioxide and water only.

Our products are crafted to minimize the negative impact of today’s harsh chemicals on the environment. We strive to make the world a better place, by progressively replacing just one bad chemical with a safer chemical alternative. Our alkanoate salts are less toxic than the fluoride, bromide, iodide, chloride, sulfate, and nitrate salts. Our safer alkanoates can be used as key ingredient substitutes in agriculture, home care, detergents, household cleaning, de-icing, tanning, fluid drilling, fuel cells, water purification, ceramics, paint, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.

Core Values

Quality, integrity, and service are our core values. We strive to achieve these by:
1. Treating our customers with utmost respect
2. Creating a safe and enjoyable work environment for our employees
3. Bringing team members’ energy and enthusiasm in executing each task, whether routine or new
4. Celebrating each successfully completed project, whether big or small
5. Building a team with the freedom and support to think outside the box
6. Developing meaningful relationships with all of stakeholders; from suppliers, research partners, regulators, distributors, customers, etc.

Why C1-C5 Alkanoates?

Recent ground-breaking findings in platinum-based chemotherapy drug design offers foundational insight on the efficacy of platinum alkanoate salts as better analogues of the traditional platinum dichloride salts. In this work, drug designers noted significant improvements in the aqueous solubility (enabling faster healing) and chemical stability (ensuring drug safety) on drugs when acetates and/or other alkanoates were added. As a result, alkanoate-based chemotherapy prodrugs such as oxaliplatin, satraplatin, carboplatin, and nedaplatin are saving lives today! Based on this success story, similar material design concepts rooted on alkanoates-for-chlorides strategies are slowly gaining acceptance in the snow & ice control as well as desiccant & coolant sectors where chloride salts such as rock salt have maintained incumbency for too long. In this context, BioFuran Materials believes that the full benefits of the alkanoate strategy should be adopted far and wide. However, BioFuran Materials subscribes to a narrow focus targeting only C1-C5 alkanoates which facilitates good SCA solubility in both aqueous and/or organic solvents.

BioFuran Materials also believes that the non-polluting C1-C5 alkanoates can generate a large pool of known and new, currently unavailable materials with exemplary uses in critical applications. Worth noting are the metal salts of butyrates (C4), valerates (C5) and levulinates (C5) which are known to form conductive ionic liquid crystals when melted, where applications exist in switches, molecular sensors, displays, and optical connectors. Alkali metal alkanoates too can be used to prepare buffers used in life-saving biochemical studies. In some energy-saving applications, the low carbon (C1-C2) alkali metal alkanoates or combinations of two or more SCA salts can be used as effective heat-storage materials