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What are Synatra Fragrance Oils?

BioFuran Materials LLC (BioFM), a chemical manufacturing company out of Pittsburgh, PA, has developed an approach for derivatizing signature scent chemicals into stable, single component, pure ester derivatives that fragrance formulators can independently use. The esters are sold directly to air care product developers or are blended into simpler but fragrance-rich blends, herein Synatra (Synthetic Natural) Fragrance Oils. Our Synatra Fragrance Oils are carefully designed to meet specific scent preferences as well as niche requirements. Our representative Synatra blends include, but are not limited to, Pinetrus, Mint, Sunshine, Merry Mary, Exotic Floral, My Thyme, JES, Banana, Fruita, BreathAgain, Clean, and Famelo. These fragrance oils can be incorporated into air care products commonly used in offices, schools, hospitals, churches, theaters, stores, hotels, health clubs, restaurants, restrooms, airports, cars, taxis, buses, trains, terminals, boats, homes, apartments, homeless shelters, detention centers, and others. Typical air products include candles, inhalers, body oils, facial steamers, creams, incense sticks, bath salts, clay masks, soaps, detergents, shampoos, deodorants, air fresheners, fabric softeners, etc.

Why Synatras?

It is widely known in the air care industry that plant-derived essential oils (EO) are complex mixtures of chemical compounds. Also, constituent EO chemicals carry a wide range of functionalities including alcohols, aldehyde, acids, basic amines, esters, sulfurs, etc. However, a few chemicals carry the signature scent of each EO. For instance, thymol in thyme; carvacrol in oregano; citronellol & geraniol in geranium & rose, 1,8-cineole in eucalyptus, menthol in peppermint, linalyl acetate in lavender, limonene in orange, eugenyl acetate in clove, methyl salicylate in wintergreen, etc.

A recurrent problem with EOs is the unavoidable fluctuations in their on-the-shelf quality particularly due to spontaneous degradative chemical speciation. Chemical speciation is ideally driven by air oxidation, polymerization, and other degradation reactions, some of which generate potentially hazardous species. It is therefore prudent to stabilize fragrance oil to minimize spontaneous speciation. We believe that our Synatra products provide superior stability and long-lasting scents, two critical parameters required for ensuring optimum scent quality and safety.

Anticipated Benefits of Synatra Fragrance Oils

  1. A wide variety of individual esters to choose from including terpene, phenolic, alkyl chain esters. We have  
  2. Blends can be customized to meet specific scent needs.
  3. Blends are made with pure esters made from plant derived alcohols. 
  4. BioFM supplies SDSs for each product (pure esters and blends)
  5. BioFM uses sustainably sourced raw materials especially those upcycled from waste foods.

30% fragrance oil by weight in blends

Hints on Representative Synatras…

  1. Clean Synatra blend is made up of terpineol, linalyl acetate, and Linalool, which all combat stress and promote deep physical relaxation.
  2. Exotic Floral, JES, PINETRUS, and Sunshine blends contain citral and Limonene, which boost energy and stress relief as well as relief from inflammation and headaches.
  3. Exotic Floral, JES, PINETRUS, BreathAgain, Clean, and JES Synatra blends contain linalyl acetate which promotes calm and clarity mood while helping to alleviate feelings of anxiety.
  4. Sunshine, Pinetrus, JES, or My Thyme Synatra are indoor space germ-busting blends.

Synatra Strong, never fades…

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